About Us

Image of an ancient Greek peltast with a pelta shield
Image of an ancient Greek peltast
with a pelta shield

Why Pelta?

Pelta Protection Systems' name and logo derive from a type of lightweight shield called a pelta.

The pelta, pelte or peltarion (in ancient Greek πέλτη) was a crescent-shaped wicker shield commonly used in the ancient world prior to the third century BCE. It was used by the light infantry of ancient Greece known as peltasts. It also appears in Scythian art and may have been a common type in Central Europe. According to Aristotle, the pelta was rimless and covered in goat or sheep skin. The shield could be carried with a central strap and a hand grip near the rim or with just a central hand-grip. It may also have had a carrying strap (or baldric) as Thracian peltasts slung their shields on their backs when evading the enemy.

Who We Are

Pelta Protections Systems Ltd. is a joint venture between Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. (IDS), which has over 30 years’ experience of producing electromagnetic engineering solutions and services for both civil and defence applications, and Acell Industries Ltd. which has produced fire resistant foams and composite panels for building applications for over 25 years.

The merging of the co-founding companies’ expertise with the results of an intensive programme of research and development has allowed Pelta Protection Systems to become a new player in the security market. Its goal within this market is to increase, through the use of its solutions, the safety level of those who consciously or unconsciously find themselves operating in high risk situations.

Pelta Protection Systems have focused primarily on the protection of buildings, shelters and warehouses, from those built using traditional techniques to the most modern prefabs and including both structures intended for temporary as well as permanent use.

This protection started by addressing evident and accidental threats, such as those deriving from meteorological and climatic factors, then developed through several levels, ensuring protection from ever more invasive threats, before arriving at offering improved safety from threats such as from firearms, explosives or highly sophisticated technologies.

IDS logo

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. (“IDS”) is an independent engineering and systems technologies company, providing research, innovation and products in the electromagnetic, radar and air navigation fields, for both civilian and defence applications. Since 1980 IDS has specialized in providing consulting services for high-tech engineering projects and in developing innovative products, integrated software solutions and measurement systems. IDS is an international company with around 500 employees with headquarters in Italy and subsidiaries in Australia, UK, Canada, USA and Brazil.

Acell Logo

Acell Industries Ltd. ("Acell") is a technology leader in the composites industry, licensing and commercializing its disruptive composites technologies into three multi-billion dollar global markets: (i) building products and construction; (ii) military and security; and (iii) fire suppression. Acell develops composite product solutions and manufacturing systems based on its proprietary technologies for its licensees and joint venture partners. Acell's technologies have garnered third-party validation from large industrial multi-national corporations and received numerous industry innovation awards.

Pelta Protections Systems Ltd. is Registered in England and Wales No: 08859226
Registered Office: 3 Gloster Court, Whittle Avenue, Segensworth West, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5SH, UK.