Applying Defender panels to the interior or exterior surfaces of housing units, warehouses or shelters, both mobile and static, provides good thermal and noise insulation, improving the conditions of use of individual premises. It also offers substantial savings in terms of cost and logistics in relation to climate control of individual buildings. Simultaneously, soundproofing, in conformance with UNI EN ISO 140-3: 2006, improves the quality of life for those that use the premises for work or residential purposes.

If affected by fire, the panels burn without increasing the flames, do not give off fumes or gases and also inhibit the transmission of heat through their structure. As a result of these capabilities they provide effective protection from the consequences of fire.

They can also be used for the partition of large areas, due to the ability to visually camouflage their surfaces they can easily be matched to the already existing finishes and are even able to replicate friezes or architectural motifs, or constitute an element of creative contrast.

Finally, the Defender panels are 100% recyclable, as the material can be recovered and used again in the production process.