Protection and Defence

While keeping their functional and aesthetic characteristics unaltered, the capacity of the Defender panel can be enhanced to also provide protection from small arms fire as well as from both the propagation of shock waves and the projection of shrapnel effects of explosions.

Usable in both rural and urban contexts, the Defender Ballistic and Blast Protection panels have been developed to offer specific increased protection following careful planning and an analysis of various threat levels.

Both types of protection (anti-blast and anti-ballistic) can be applied to fixed or movable buildings situated in military (FOB / FSB), industrial (mining or extractive camps), civilian (refugee camps, university campuses) or government (embassies, courts, police stations) contexts.

Adequately supported and ballasted the same type of panel can also be used in the construction of protective barriers and control cabins for use in the contexts described above. In this way an installation’s perimeter or an individual building can be protected from observation or ballistic threats, while maintaining control over access points.

In addition to external use, the Defender panel can also be applied inside buildings or boats. In this way a strong room can be created to protect from threats posed by criminals or terrorists, such as pirate attacks on vessels.

The not inconsiderable ability to create visual camouflage, combined with anti-blast and anti-ballistic protection, fire resistance and thermal and acoustic insulation make Defender the ideal component for coating the exterior walls of a security room that can be placed in government, military, commercial or residential environments.