Defender Antibacterial Protection

Antibacterial Protection

Defender Antibacterial Protection sets a new standard for hygiene. Whether it’s in clinics, schools, industrial buildings or leisure facilities, hygiene is a much discussed topic and is now more relevant than ever. With the Defender Antibacterial Protection panel, Pelta Protection Systems has developed a solution that can provide active protection precisely where it is most needed, which requires no maintenance and is guaranteed for five years. The panel’s high level of effectiveness has been proven in both laboratory and practical tests.

The Defender Antibacterial Protection panel has a special surface that immediately counteracts microbial proliferation. This surface contains an additive that is inserted during production whose active components are able to prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi.

The agents used destroy the cell membrane of the pathogens, blocking respiration and cell nutrition and consequently disrupting cell division. Independent tests, performed according to the ISO 22196 standard, have shown that proliferation of bacteria on the panel surface is reduced by 99.96% for S.aureus and 99.99% for E.coli. These results are considered excellent in the healthcare area.

The surface of the Defender panel retains its effectiveness even when cleaned regularly.

Download the Defender Antibacterial Protection Brochure

Defender Antibacterial Protection Brochure

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