Defender Family

Defender is a multi-functional panel construction system which can be quickly deployed in the form of prefabricated units or as external cladding for an existing structure. Its modular nature allows them to be easily dismantled, stored and re-used multiple times.

The Defender panels have a special internal foam that was first used 25 years ago to provide fire protection at one of the world’s busiest international airports. The panels also provide thermal and acoustic insulation allowing them to be used for accommodation purposes in addition to providing offices, control rooms and strategic warehousing.

The patented technology used to manufacture these composite panels is the result of extensive research conducted together with prestigious scientific laboratories, academic institutions and high technology companies. The result is a monolithic structure ensuring against delamination, which is 100% recyclable and, when heated, does not produce toxic fumes or gases.

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Defender Brochure

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